Guaranteed efficiency

The Delta Extractys selective extractor gives winemakers freedom of choice and action. The extraction level can be adjusted according to the grape variety and the type of wine required. The result is more structured, colourful and aromatic wines with a more distinctive character (supple, fruity wine profile, etc.). Delta Extractys can be fitted to any existing thermovinification lines, whatever their heating temperature, and can be easily integrated without modification (it can be installed above the maceration tank). It can be used for liquid or solid phase vinification, hot skin maceration, etc.

Easy maintenance

Hot water rinsing of the pressure tubes through the harvest piping circuit makes maintenance easy.

Technical data Extractys
Modulation of flow rate 3x10t/h
Water heating From 20 to 65°C
Length (mm) 3000
Width (mm) 2200
Height (mm) 3700

*Possible thanks to the modularity of the Delta Rotathermic solution


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