Guaranteed high-quality pressing

The Bucher JLB hydraulic vertical press ensures juice extraction without any need to break up the press-cake or any trituration of the harvest. The pressing speed can be adjusted to ensure a constant flow by making the most of the self-filtration by the pomace. The wines or juices are clearer and less oxidised.

The technical mats are made from thin draining fabric, which considerably improves juice extraction. They are made from hydrophobic materials, and are light to make emptying and washing easier.

The intuitive programming offers 8 modifiable pressing programmes that can be adapted to different types of harvests. The press runs automatically for pressing and removing the press-cake, which makes it user-friendly.

Guaranteed user safety

The parts of the vertical hydraulic press in contact with the grapes are all stainless steel, guaranteeing food safety.
Castors make it easy to move the press around

The PLC with touchscreen and curve display makes it easy to operate the press and gives the user peace of mind.

The transparent protective cage ensures user safety.

Technical data JLB 5 JLB 12 JLB 20
Filling capacity with marc (kg) 500 1,200 2000
Maximum pressure on pomace (bar) nc 4.5 5
Power (kW) 3 2,5 2.5
Unladen weight (kg) 1300 2800 4000
Weight of empty press basket (kg) nc 250 250
Weight of full press basket (kg) nc 1450 1450
Capacity of juice trough 68 100 160
Length (mm) 2000 2500 2900
Width (mm) 1000 1715 1875
Height (mm) 2700 3200 3200
Height in transport position (mm) 1800 2180 2180
Inverted console

A version with the lectern turned 180 ° allows you to install 2 Bucher JLB side-by-side while centralizing the control area.

Latticework press cage 3 mm (JLB 12/20)

For pressing fresh grapes (whole bunches and destemmed grapes). This electropolished cage retains skins and pips.

Set of mats

For fresh harvest or fermented marc, these new-generation pressing mats improve juice extraction rates.

Easily washable, lightweight food-grade technical fabric with eyelets for easy handling and re-drying.

Sweet wine harvest (Bucher JLB 12)

Press with 4 cylinders

Max. pressure 8.8 bar


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Bucher JLB

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