Guaranteed efficiency

The Delta Vistalys sorting table automatically eliminates undesirable elements, offering you the possibility to select perfectly integrated and ripe berries, and to eliminate foreign bodies, plants, pink peppercorns and withered grapes. It allows for high productivity of up to 10t/h. The machine’s connection allows for it to be controlled remotely by the Hotline.

Easy maintenance

Its easy accessibility makes it easy to clean and to maintain.

Technical data Vistalys HD
Max. throughput t/h (depending on grape variety) 15
Compressed air requirement 40 m³ at 6 bar
Height (mm) 2300
Length (mm) 2430
Width (mm) 1810

*Depending on the grape variety

Frame extensions
  • Height 300 mm
    For the recovery of sorted grapes with an ELVTR belt
    Includes: one Vistalys HD extension and one TRV 20 extension.
  • Height 500 mm
    To recover grapes sorted with an ELVTR belt or to position an FC1 crusher on a PMV pump
    Includes: a Vistalys HD extension, a footboard and a TRV20 extension.
    Scanning level sensor HF PMV1/2/4

  • Anti dry running
Waste auger

To evacuate berries and undesirable elements


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Delta Vistalys sorting table

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