Guaranteed efficiency

The Delta Densilys density sorting table separates under-ripe berries and green debris. It ensures gentle draining and conveying of the harvest.

Easy maintenance

The conveyor tilts hydraulically for easy cleaning and transportation.

Technical data Densilys XM Densilys XM
Maximum capacity with destemmed grapes (t/h) 6 12
Maximum throughput for whole-grape washing (t/h) 3 6
Hopper capacity (hl) 7.5 10
Height of raised / lowered conveyor belt (mm) 2430/1420 2430/1420
Available height at berry outlet (mm) 1930 1680
Available height at the waste outlet 710 700
Length (mm) 3990 3940
Width (mm) 1800 2460

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Delta Densilys

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