“For over 75 years, the Bucher Vaslin Group has been transforming, expanding, reinventing itself, and adapting to a changing world in which our passionate customers are precious and demanding, and our employees are agile and experienced.

Joining Bucher Vaslin isn’t just joining a company, it’s taking an active part in a real human adventure.

Joining our teams means discovering a profession, a passion, an atmosphere where you can develop and blossom while sharing our values.

Bucher Vaslin knows how to innovate, to grow in an ever more complex world, to meet ever-changing environmental, social, societal and economic needs. These requirements are a source of wealth and renewal for our employees.

Joining the Bucher Vaslin Group means becoming part of an adventure where the desire to learn, creativity and innovation are at the heart of our corporate strategy.

Bucher Vaslin goes even further by promoting geographical mobility within the Group and its subsidiaries, working alongside passionate individuals. Passionate about their professions, passionate about the demands of a job well done, and passionate about the relevance of our expertise.

Joining Bucher Vaslin also means joining a team of more than 400 employees around the world, who recognize each other by their attachment to the Group, their loyalty and their desire to succeed together.

So Bucher Vaslin, why not you?