Customer tools

As soon as you subscribe to one of our Connect offer, we provide on-line, confi gurable, innovative tools on Connect Portal : 

Master your solutions and take advantage of their continuous improvement.

Connect Portal 


This web portal allows you to manage your account autonomously.

You can administer your Winect users, order on-line licenses, modify your customer information …

Teleassistance - License 


A check at distance of the machines by your own service provider allow to set up a diagnosis to resolves a problem or to help the intervention of an authorized and expert technician.

• Suitable directions for use in real time

• Quick intervention

• Costs reduction


Alerts by mail 


Option available to receive by email alerts coming from the machines.

This option is free and included in all Winect licenses.

Alertes by SMS 


Option allowing to receive alerts by SMS from the machine.

This option is charged (cost per SMS) and is included in all Winect licenses for a user having a license.