Guaranteed efficiency

The Delta FC/F crushers can be combined with destemmers (Delta Evolution).

The support bars offer the choice of two different positions. The lower position allows you to place the crusher on a pump. The upper position makes it possible to position the crusher in a 500 mm diameter tank door. The gap between the rollers can be adjusted using knobs with a view of the spacing. These one-piece rollers have no retention area between the modules.

Safety guaranteed

The safety grid above the hopper ensures operator safety during operation of the Delta FC/F crushers.

Technical data FC1 F20 F2 F4 FC6 FC8 FC10
Maximum capacity with destemmed grapes (t/h) 8 10 to 25 15 20 60 80 100
Maximum capacity with untreated harvest (t/h) 5 3 to 12 12 15 50 70 90
Power (kW) 2 x 225 1.5 Non-motorized 1.1 3 3 4

Delivered as a kit

For Delta FC1

adaptation at end of ZT1 belt

For Delta F20

Stainless steel trolley

Chassis adaptable to Delta PMV2 and Delta PMV4 pumps

    • Delta FC1 hopper under Delta E2
  • under TRV35 TBE600
  • under standard TRV20
  • under TBE 800
  • for Oscillys 10
    Hopper under Trio XS, Oscillys 50,ZT1
    Special crusher hopper

Delta F20 hopper

  • under Delta Evolution2
  • Mistral 100 TR TRE
  • for Vistalys ZT1 belt
  • for Vistalys ZT2 belt
  • under Delta TRV35
  • under Delta TBE600
  • under Delta TBE800
  • under Oscillys 200
  • under Delta Trio XM
  • under Trio XL with or without drip tray



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