The belts come as standard with an electronic variable speed drive and are available with widths of 300 to  500 mm to adapt the speed of the belt as closely as possible to the work on the harvest. The height of the belt can be adjusted using the manual pump on the hydraulic lifting trolley. Delta TRE belts are available in three lengths and widths (3m, 4m et 5m), and Delta ELVTR are made top measure. 

Easy maintenance

Conveyor belts are removable (FDA and EU approval), making them easy to maintain.



The 60 mm height of the cleats provides better support for the harvest and reduces bunch falls during transfer.

Delta TRE and Delta ELVTR belt conveyors are built entirely from stainless steel, which ensures a long service life.


Din 50F/Macon 50M

  • Pivoting outlet trunking ELVTR300/400 TRE L.1m
  • Pivoting outlet trunking ELVTR300/400 TRE L.1.5m
  • Pivoting outlet trunking ELVTR300/400 TRE L.2.0m

Flexible outlet sleeve for ELVTR 400

Flexible sleeve outlet ELVTR/TRE 300

Length 1m

    Reception hopper ELVTR300 TRV TBE

  • Receiving hopper. ELVTR300 tank door*
  • Receiving hopper ELVTR300 screw hopper
  • Reception hopper ELVTR300 TRV TBE
  • Receiving hopper ELVTR300 1200×875
  • Receiving hopper ELVTR300 trailer
  • Receiving hopper ELVTR300 under TRV 20 and 25
  • ELVTR300 quick release hopper system


    ELVTR400 E2 receiving hopper*

  • Receiving hopper. ELVTR400 tank door*
  • Receiving hopper ELVTR400 screw hopper
  • ELVTR400 TRV TBE receiving hopper* ELVTR400 1300×875 receiving hopper*
  • Receiving hopper ELVTR400 trailer
  • ELVTR400 receiving hopper under TRV 20 and 25* Hopper for bins Delta ELVTR400 ELVTR400 quick release hopper system


  • Receiving hopper TRE300 E2 de-vatting
  • Receiving hopper TRE300 sorting table
Wash phase
  • Brief return
  • Compatible with ELVTR300 and ELVTR400

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Delta TRE / ELVTR belt conveyors

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