A scalable, simple and safe machine

The Flavy ML osmosis plant comes in models from 2 to 12 modules. It can be easily upgraded without any changes, simply by adding modules.

The PLC contains all the essential information (extracted volume) and the unit has safety devices that make it perfectly autonomous (pressure, temperature, flow rate).

The ML osmosis unit is fitted with the least clogging membrane on the market, accepting input products of up to 400 NTU, compared with only 5 to 20 NTU for other membranes.

A wide range of applications

The Flavy ML osmosis plant offers a wide range of applications. These can be carried out in accordance with the local legislation in force. The range offers two types of “X” or “O” membranes with different levels of selectivity, depending on your needs.

  • Concentration of grape must: When the harvest has been diluted by heavy rain.

  • Must sugar reduction: To obtain a less alcoholic wine, osmosis reduces the sugar content of the must before fermentation, which can then proceed more smoothly.

  • Concentration of the wine: To reinforce its structure and intensity despite an acceptable level of alcohol.

  • Reducing volatile acidity: Combining an osmosis unit with a specific resin kit (not supplied by Bucher Vaslin) will significantly reduce volatile acidity, bringing it below the perception threshold.

  • Reduction of ethyl phenols in wine: If your wine has been contaminated by Brettanomyces, you can eliminate the bad aromas (leather, stable and horse sweat smells) by combining the osmosis unit with an EP Kit down to below the perception threshold, without altering your wine.

  • Partial dealcoholisation of wine: To correct the alcohol content of your wine.

Technical data 2 ML 4 ML 6 ML 8 ML 10 ML 12 ML
Average flow (l/h) 200 400 600 800 1000 12000
Length (mm) 1244 1244 1244 1244 1244 1244
Width (mm) 630 630 630 630 800 800
Height (mm) 1216 1216 1295 1455 1626 1786
Flow controller for sweet wines
Kit 2 tubes / 2 Membranes X
Kit 2 tubes / 2 Membranes X
EP Kit

– Coupled with osmosis for ethyl phenol reduction


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