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This heat exchanger uses a rotating shaft with blades to even out the temperature, avoiding any risk of overheating. Thanks to its inter-connectable modules, you can put up to 3 modules in a line.

The Delta Rotathermic can also be used for cooling.

Technical data Rotathermic 10 t/h Rotathermic 20 t/h Rotathermic 30 t/h
Hot water flow rate (m3/h) 45 90 135
Water temperature (°C) 95 95 95
Heating capacity (kW) 815 1620 2445
Water connection flange DN 100 PN10 DN 100 PN10 DN 100 PN10
Connecting flange for harvesting DN 125 PN10 DN 125 PN10 DN 125 PN10
Length (mm) 7100 7100 7100
Width (mm) 900 1200 1200
Height (mm) 930 1700 2400
Weight (kg) 750 1400 2050

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Heat exchanger

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