Unique expertise

The Flavy X-Wine filter has a reputation on the market for giving the best flow rates with the most difficult wines. This result is the fruit of 30 years’ experience in wine filtration. Controlling clogging, combined with a gentle (very low pressure), flexible process and a high-performance filtration membrane, ensures stable, regular flow rates throughout the filtration process.


A wide range of applications

The Flavy X-Wine filter is extremely versatile, capable of treating raw wines with high turbidity, red wines from thermovinification, wines from cold storage (-4°C), fined wines, sparkling wines and wines ready for bottling. With this filter you can also block fermentation and filter wines containing PVPP.

Low environmental impact

The Flavy X-Wine filter stands out for having the lowest consumption of water and cleaning products on the market.

The washing water separation option contributes even further to reducing the environmental impact by allowing the last filter rinsing water to be reused for other purposes in the cellar (vat room cleaning, floor cleaning, etc.).

Finally, the Flavy X-Wine filter, is renowned for preserving the quality of filtered wines and its rock-solid reliability.

Technical data X-Wine 2 X-Wine 3 X-Wine 4 X-Wine 6 X-Wine 8 X-Wine 10
Length (mm) 2390 2390 2940 2940 3310 3,310
Width (mm) 1740 1740 2230 2230 2380 2380
Floor area (m2) 7 7 10 10 11 11
Height (mm) 1980 1980 2200 2200 2190 2190
Unladen weight (kg) 710 740 1310 1380 1650 1720
Supply voltage (V/Hz) 400 Volts three-phase + Earth (50 Hz) 400 Volts three-phase + Earth (50 Hz) 400 Volts three-phase + Earth (50 Hz) 400 Volts three-phase + Earth (50 Hz) 400 Volts three-phase + Earth (50 Hz) 400 Volts three-phase + Earth (50 Hz)
Total power (kW) 10 10 18 14 27 27

– On-line measurement of turbidity in filtered wine

Conductivity probe

– Automatic verification that there are no detergent residues after regeneration. Control and safety tool required for IFS-BRC type audits.


Selector 2 inlets / 2 outlets

– Enables you to create filtration sequences or assemblies

In-line bentonite injection

– Protein stabilization of white and rosé wines

– Simplifying the wine processing chain

– Fewer cleaning operations for pumps, pipes and winery

– Wine treatment without the use of additives

– Wines available for bottling more quickly

– No more tank bottom management, which can represent 3 to 5% of the volume treated

Injection of oenological products

– Injection of up to 3 oenological products (e.g.: MCR, metatartaric acid, UF bentonite) and 3 at the filter outlet (e.g.: CMC, SO2, gum arabic)

Nitrogen injection

This option makes it possible to control a solenoid valve and a diffuser located after the filter outlet valve.

Wash water filtration

– In the case of water with a fouling index > 3, we recommend installing 3 stages of water filtration (5 µ – 1µ – 0.5 µ) for maximum efficiency of rinsing and washing operations.

Wash water drain valve selection

– Makes it possible to separate washing water from the last filter rinsing water

– Recover this clear water for other uses

– Helps reduce water consumption in the cellar

Sparkling wine

– For wine filtration in closed tanks, up to 7 bars.

Sterilizable tasting tap

– Sterilizable sampling tap suitable for microbiological analysis

Tared valve

– Adjusts back pressure to ensure good quality retrofiltration. To be used, for example, when the receiving tank is located at the bottom of the filter

Feet for the frame

– Flavy X-Wine 4-6 filters are supplied on wheels. They can be placed on feet when in a fixed position.

Wine pre-filter control
100 µm wine prefilter

– For cold wine filtration. Protects the filter from scale crystals.

Hot water line draining purge

– When hot water production is far from the filter.


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