Guaranteed efficiency

Delta REC trailers make it possible to distribute the harvest evenly, without trituration. The internal flaps reduce the production of juice during transportation. The hopper can be segmented using hydraulic flaps, which also limits crushing during transportation to the winery. Removable drains and the small side tanks with inspection hatches help to release free juice. This means that released juices are held, which limits maceration. It is possible to carry out limited sulphiting of the juice using a dosing pump to avoid oxidisation during transportation.

All of the components in contact with the harvest and the juice comply with the applicable regulations in force.


Easy maintenance

There is little need for maintenance and mechanical servicing on Delta REC trailers. Access to the inside of the trailer makes it easy to clean.


User safety

Since 2021, our trailers have been equipped with an inertia braking device that ensures safety for the tractor operator. Trailer approved for single- and double-drive tractors (European approval).

Technical data REC 30 REC 40
Capacity (hl) 33 43
Loading height (m) 1.90 1.90
Drainage height of horizontal tray (m) 2.42 2.42
Drainage height at maximum inclination (m) 2.17 2.17
Ball valve

In stainless steel

D50 M/F

Reversing camera

LCD screen and ip69 camera


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Delta REC trailer

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