Guaranteed efficiency

The Delta Oscillys XM / XL destemmers allow you to have a great destemming capacity with a small footprint. The harvest is sent to a cage by gravity with no mixer or shaft.
The berries and stems are collected on a roller sorter. The first zone distributes the harvest and separates the juice and the failed grapes. The second zone separates the berries, stalks and plant debris.  The wide, pentagonal cage processes the bunches in the centre in a single layer.
The movement of the cage generates a progressive destemming force from the start of the cage. The user can adjust the speed of oscillation, the type of cage, and the spacing and speed of the the rollers depending on the varieties, the condition and the maturity of the harvest.

Easy maintenance

Accessible grease nipples make cleaning quick and easy.



Technical data Oscillys XM Oscillys XL
Max. flow rate (t/h)* Up to 15t/h Up to 25t/h
Total height 1470 2485/+500
"Berry" output height (mm) 500 1107/+500
Length (mm) 1850 2674/+500
Width (mm) 1550 1768/+500
Length for cover openings (mm) 2070 2780
Height for hopper tipping (mm) 1980 2806
Height for opening front covers (mm) 1810 2492
Height for opening rear covers (mm) 1810 2641
Weight (kg) 600 1000
Installed electrical power without options (kW) 2.05 2.05
Installed electrical power with stalk conveyor (kW) 2.05 2.15

*As an indication, variable according to grape varieties, the condition and nature of the harvest (manual or machine).


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