Bucher Vaslin designs, manufactures, and sells, only or through its network of exclusive distributors, processes and materials exclusively intended for the transformation of grapes to wine ready for marketing.

Innovation culture - Experience in the mother of innovation

From the first Joseph Vaslin presses in 1856 and Johann Bucher presses in 1874, to today’s extensive range, we have been providing an unique service to wine-makers and oenologist.

From tradition to innovation - A century of Know-how

Since the very beginning, Bucher Vaslin has innovated and developped products designed to fit your needs.

Always attentive to the needs of the wine-making world and its continuous search for quality, we are constantly on the look-out to adapt our products to make them even more efficient, easier to use and more cost effective for your winery.

Bucher Vaslin brings all the answers to meet wine-maker’s needs in the cellar.
As wine is a delicate balance between the land, centuries-old know-how and control, we are proud to be at your side to seek perfection.