Guaranteed efficiency

The Delta Trio sorting table makes it possible to sort the harvest while maintaining a good visual appearance. It is particularly effective on leaf tails and grappillons. Its roller spacing adjustment system is patented by Bucher Vaslin, and the rotation speed of the rollers is variable. The sorting table is easy to use and simple to adjust. It can be adapted to all feeding conditions: vibrating hopper, destemmer, screw hopper, etc.

Easy maintenance

The trough and spiral can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning.

Technical data Trio XS Trio XS Trio XS Trio XXL
Maximum capacity with destemmed grapes (t/h) 6 15 25 60
Available height under the table | Min./Max. (mm) 460/960 570/1070 540/1040 540/1040
Total height | Min./Max. (mm) 1000/1500 1390/1890 1210/1710 1210/1710
Length (mm) 1780 1860 2480 2500
Width (mm) 1160 1550 1560 1560
Distribution plate

Motorised distribution system

Screw box

Drainage screw with a grate under the first rollers to trap juices as well as waste with a size lower than 2 mm and up to 6 mm with the manual adjustment of the blue spacing rollers

Comb with space from 22 to 26

Trio roller spacing adjustment from 17 to 21 mm instead of the standard 21 to 15 mm, retrofit
Trio roller spacing adjustment from 22 to 21 mm instead of the standard 26 to 19 mm, retrofit

Automatic roller gap adjustment on Trio XXL
Frame extension

Delta Evolution 2 support chassis equipped with a pivot to retract the Delta Evo2 for direct feeding of the Delta Trio XM
Delta Evo2 support chassis fixed above the Trio XM
Delta E2 support chassis fixed above the Trio XM


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