Guaranteed efficiency

Delta Oscillys 50 destemmers make it possible for you to have a large destemming capacity in a small machine. The harvest is gravity fed into a cage, with no turning parts. Berries and stalks are collected on a roller sorter. The first roller distributes the harvest and separates the juice and withered grapes. The second zone separates the berries from the stalks and plant debris. The PEHD cage is short. This section has high, folded edges to gently draw the clusters away from the edge of the cage, which greatly reduces the production of juice.

The user can adjust the speed of oscillation, the type of cage, the separation and the speed of the rollers depending on the grape varieties, the health condition and the maturity of the harvest.

Easy maintenance

Accessible grease nipples make cleaning quick and easy.

Technical data Oscillys 50
Capacity of juice trough (l)* Up to 6 t/h
Unladen weight (kg) 1600
Power (kW) 460
Supply voltage: 2080
Length (mm) 1170
Width (mm) 1170
Height (mm) 2080
Height under beam (mm) 1740

*As an indication, variable according to grape varieties, the state and the type of harvest (manual or machine).

Cage 1st fitting

30 or 35 mm format

Additional complete cage


Drainage box

Drip tray with adjustable roller spacing 480 x 260 mm
Drainage screw with a grate under the first rollers to trap juices as well as waste smaller than 2 mm
For Oscillys 50 from 2020


For TRV 20
Height 1000-1500 mm


Chute under Trio XS and Oscillys 50 + mobile separating baffle
Low hopper without a screw box 640 x 260 mm
For Trio XS from 2020 and later

Spacer comb 17/21

Trio roller spacing adjustment from 17 to 21 mm instead of the standard 21 to 15 mm, retrofit
For Oscillys 50 sorters from 2020 and later

Infeed hopper

For supply by RVE trailer
900 x 900 mm


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